left: from a Henri Debs book (click to enlarge); right: André aged 23.

from left: Charlie Rouse, Thelonious Monk,  
Idrees Sulieman, Don Peterson and André  
in Scandinavia in 1964. 

  from the LP 'Echoes From The Prague
  Jazz Festival' (1964),from left: Donald "Baby"
  Douglas, Clarence "Candy" Green, Kenny Drew,
  André (sitting), Fred Braceful, Roland Haynes.

at the first Prague Jazz Festival in 1964,  
from left: André, Benny Bailey, Leo Wright,  
hidden behind him: Kenny Drew.  

  jammin´ at Lucerna Hall (Prague), from left:
  Jan Konopásek, Leo Wright, Rolf Kühn, André,
  Laco Tropp, Laco Déci, Jan Hammer, Jan Arnet.

at the Prague Jazz Festival in 1964.  

  André in 1964 / 65 in Berlin.


Jazzgalerie in Berlin, around 1964/65, from left: two unknown, drummer  
Joe Nay (3rd f. l.), Leo Wright, bassist Dieter Gützkow, barmaid and André.  

  at the Top Hat in Berlin around 1964/65:
  André, Leo Wright, Don Byas and
  Ernie Sheppard (Duke Ellington´s bass player).

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BIG THANK YOU to Elly Wright for the Prague, Jazzgalerie & Top Hat pictures !!!

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