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Superb Jazz Dance compilation, compiled by Baz Fe Jazz & Russ Dewbury. Club Class - A New Attitude / Various Artists
issued: 1990 LP BGP/ACE Records 1032 (UK)
#A2 taken from Pony´s Express - Pony Poindexter EPIC LA 16035
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disco 1


Side A
  1. Cloud 9 / Etta James
  2. Gumbo Filet / Pony Poindexter
  3. Ghetto Misfortune's Wealth /
24 Carat Black
  4. Can't We Smile? / Johnny Hammond Smith

Side B
  1. Selim / Johnny Lytle
  2. Talking About J.C. / Larry Young
  3. Got My Mojo Working / Billy Hawks
  4. Minority / Minority

  Cool Classics 6 / Various Artists
issued: 199? white label bootleg LP C01065 (UK)
#B5 taken from Pony´s Express - Pony Poindexter EPIC LA 16035
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Side A
  1. All The Way Down / Etta James
  2. Blood Donors Needed / The Eliminators
  3. Chameleon / Kimiko Kasai
  4. Midnight Fire Engine / Ryo Kawasaki

Side B
  1. Mahdi / Voco
  2. Do What You Wanna Do / Willie Bobo
  3. Agora Ou Nunca Mais / Ana Mazzotti
  4. Tudo Que Voce Podia Ser / Quartetto Em Cy
  5. Pony´s Express / Pony Poindexter
  6. The Chicken / James Brown

Review: Count Basie is heard in a relatively rare small-group session with longtime guitarist Freddie Green, drummer Sonny Payne, and bassist Norman Keenan. Without seeing the video of Count Basie's TV appearance on Ralph Gleason's Jazz Casual (which is available on both VHS and DVD from Rhino), it is impossible to realize why so many of the pianist's performances end so abruptly. The problem is that the host parked himself comfortably close to the piano throughout the show, disrupting things somewhat, which is strange since Gleason had already produced quite a few shows prior to this 1968 telecast. Several of the pieces are very enjoyable untitled improvised blues, while ‘Handful Of Keys’, ‘Squeeze Me’, and ‘If I Could Be With You’ all end far too soon. Regardless of the frustration with the brevity of the songs heard, Gleason does elicit some interesting comments during the interview segments. Basie fans will ignore the program's flaws and enjoy a rare chance to hear the pianist away from his big band. Lambert, Hendricks & Bavan show a surprising lack of ego during their 29-minute broadcast, as the first two pieces are an instrumental blues by pianist Gildo Mahones (with bassist George Tucker and drummer Jimmy Smith) and the lively gospel-flavored ‘Another Get

Together’, a feature for soprano saxophonist Pony Poindexter with the Mahones Trio. Following Gleason's enlightening interview with Jon Hendricks, the chemistry of the singers is superb in ’This Could Be The Start Of Something Big’ while Yolanda Bavan's superb scatting in ‘Shiny Stockings’ is the set's highlight. Because of the relatively few recordings by Lambert, Hendricks & Bavan (they broke up just two years after Bavan replaced Annie Ross), fans of vocalese will welcome the addition of this previously unavailable recording to their brief discography.
Jazz Casual: Sing And Swing / Count Basie - Lambert, Hendricks & Bavan
two original shows on 1 CD
issued: 2001 CD KOCH 8568 ; also available on VHS and DVD (see below)
#18-21 from Live At Basin´ Street East RCA 2635 ;
#19,21,21 from Swingin´ Till The Girls Come Home BLUEBIRD/RCA 6282-2RB
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disco 3

#1-14  Count Basie Quartet: COUNT BASIE (p), FREDDIE GREEN (g), NORMAN KEENAN (b), SONNY PAYNE (dr).

  1. Untitled Blues
  2. Interview
  3. Handful Of Keys
  4. Untitled Blues
  5. Interview
  6. Squeeze Me
  7. Interview
  9. Interview
10. As Long As I Live
11. Interview
12. If I Could Be With You (One Hour Tonight)
13. Interview
14. National Educational Television Blues
15. Sugar Hill Blues
16. Interview
17. Another Get Together
18. This Could Be The Start Of Something Big
19. Melba´s Blues
20. Shiny Stockings
21. Cousin Mary
22. Cloudburst





(G. Mahones)

(Hendricks/P. Poindexter)
(S. Allen)
(Hendricks/M. Liston)

Review: For whatever reason, Fantasy never released Jazz Ladies, Vol. 2 in the United States; this two-CD set only came out in Germany, where it was distributed by XYZ Music. But non-German jazz enthusiasts would do well to search the import bins for this compilation, which takes a generally enjoyable look at female jazz singers. Fantasy, of course, owns a jazz gold mine; the jazz-oriented (or least jazz-friendly) labels that Fantasy has acquired over the years include Prestige, Contemporary, Milestone, Pablo and Riverside (among others). So Fantasy had plenty to choose from, and this double CD (which spans 1955-1998) contains decent or excellent performances by major vocalists like Sarah Vaughan, Ella Fitzgerald, Abbey Lincoln, Ruth Brown, Chris Connor, and Brazilian sin- ger Ithamara Koorax. But half the fun is che- cking out some of the lesser-known, more obscure vocalists, who include Honi Gordon, Helyne Stewart, Bev Kelly, and Billie Poole. None of those artists enjoyed the commercial success they should have, and all of them are proof that talented people can indeed fall through the cracks. Ironically, the weakest selections are by Anita O'Day,

who was 73 when she recorded 'Rules Of The Road' and 'Shaking The Blues Away' in 1993. O'Day was a goddess when she was in her prime; her classic '40s output greatly influenced Chris Connor, June Christy, and Helen Merrill. But in 1993, O'Day was way past her prime - she had no voice left (much like Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday when they made their final recordings). Nonetheless, Jazz Ladies, Vol. 2 has a lot more hits than misses - all things considered, the double CD is worth searching for if you're a serious connoisseur of fema- le jazz singers.
Jazz Ladies, Vol. 2 / Various Artists
issued: 2001 CD FANTASY 6056

Kenny Dorham, Harry "Sweets" Edison, Joe Gordon, Willie Cook, Bob Summers, Dale Carley, Sonny Cohn, Jack Sheldon, Ron Stout, Frank Szabo, Ray Triscari, Wayne Bergeron, Ray Williamson (tp); Clark Terry, Gary Grant, Ron King, Claudio Roditi (tp, fl-h); Bob Scobey (tp, voc); Dennis Mitchell (tb, tp); Buster Cooper, Bob Fitzpatrick, Bill Hughes, Alexander Iles, Andy Martin, Stan "Be Bop" Martin, Bob McChesney, Frank Rosolino, Grover Mitchell, Bob Enevoldsen, Britt Woodman, Al Porcino, Harry Betts, Mitchell Wood, Dennis Wilson (tb); Bob Sanders (b-tb); Paquito D'Rivera, Pony Poindexter, Jeff Clayton, Earle Warren (as); Jimmy Forrest (ss, ts); Richie Kamuca, Oliver Nelson, Stanley Turrentine, Ben Webster, Seldon Powell, Herman Riley, Teddy Edwards (ts); Pete Christlieb (cl, ts); Art Pepper, Phil Woods (cl, as); Sal Lozano (cl, fl, as, ss); Jerry Pinter (cl, ss, ts); Danny House (cl, fl, as); Brian Williams (b-cl, bar-s); Ken McIntyre (fl, as); André Previn, Bill Hood, Jack Nimitz (bar-s); Kenny Hing, Zoot Sims (sax); Tommy Flanagan, Russ Freeman, Wynton Kelly, Oscar Peterson, Cedar Walton, Pete Jolly, Richard Wyands, George Gaffney, Christian Jacob, Richard Rodney Bennett, Michael Abene, Jaki Byard, Flip Nunez, Stanley Wrightsman (p); Frank Owen (p, leader); Mike Renzi (p, DX-7); Azymuth (keyb); José Roberto Bertrami (keyb, synthesizer strings); Marcos Valle (keyb, el-p, synth brass); Bobby Forrester (hammond org); Jack McDuff (org); Col. Lightnin' Tim Wincheter (vib); Claire Austin, Ruth Brown, Chris Connor, Ella Fitzge. rald, Helen Humes, Etta Jones, Ruth Price, Betty Roche, Honi Gordon, Bev Kelly, Billie Poo. le, Sylvia Syms, Anita O'Day, Abbey Lincoln, Teri Thornton, Helyne Stewart, Ithamara Koo. rax, Sarah Vaughan, Carol Sloane (voc); Freddie Green, Bill Jennings, Rodney Jones, Al Viola, Sam Herman, Wally Richardson (g); Kenny Burrell, Barney Kessel, Joe Pass (g, el-g); Bucky Pizzarelli (g, el-g); Sam Jones, Morty Corb, Trey Henry, Milt Hinton, Bob Cranshaw, Al McKibbon, George Duvivier, Rufus Reid, Johnny Allen, Chuck Berghofer, Wendell Marshall, Andy Simpkins, Leroy Vinnegar, Jimmy Bond (b); Ray Brown (b, el-b); Alex Malheiros (el-b); Louie Bellson, Frank Butler, Philly Joe Jones, Shelly Manne, Jimmy Cobb, Max Roach, Ed Shaughnessy, Grady Tate, Ray Brinker, Sherman Ferguson, Roy Haynes, Osie Johnson, Tony Johnson, Harold Jones, Mamao, Mickey Roker, Akira Tana (dr); Willie Rodriguez (perc)

    1. I Can't Give You Anything But Love / Ella Fitzgerald
  2. Serenade In Blue (from Orchestra Wives) / Ithamara Koorax
  3. What's New? / Teri Thornton
  4. A Foggy Day / Betty Roché
  5. Won't You Please Come Home / HelenHumes
  6. All The Things You Are / Sarah Vaughan & The Count Basie...
  7. Let's Face The Music And Dance / ChrisConnor
  8. How Insensitive / Sylvia Syms, KennyBurrell
  9. Shaking The Blues Away / Anita O´Day
10. Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me / Carol Sloane
11. Long Ago And Far Away [live] / Bev Kelly
13. Love Is Here To Stay / Helyne Stewart
14. Laugh, Clown, Laugh / Abbey Lincoln
15. That's All That Is To That / Etta Jones
16. Fine And Mellow / Ruth Brown
17. Stormy Monday Blues / Billie Poole
18. Let's Take The Long Way Home / Chris Connor
19. Street Of Dreams / Ella Fitzgerald,Oscar Peterson
20. I've Got The WorldOn A String / Sarah Vaughan
21. You're Driving Me Crazy / Helen Humes
22. Billie's Bounce / Betty Roché
23. My Old Flame / Teri Thornton
24. Meditation / Sylvia Syms, Kenny Burrell
25. Till The Clouds Roll Back / Look for the... [live] / Ruth Price
26. Rules Of The Road / Anita O´Day
27. Summer Samba (Samba De Verão) / Ithamara Koorax
28. Lover, Come Back To Me / Claire Austin
29. Exactly Like You / Abbey Lincoln
30. Easy Living / Etta Jones
31. Falling In Love With Love [live] / Bev Kelly
32. Salty Papa Blues / Ruth Brown
33. Stormy Weather / Billie Poole
34. Early Autumn / Carol Sloane
35. Walkin' (Out Of The Door) / Honi Gordon
36. Mean To Me / Ella Fitzgerald

  S. K. Blues / Saunders King
issued: April 1, 2003 CD P-VINE 3070 (Japan)

Saunders King (g); Allen Smith, Eddie Walker, Sammy Deane (tp); Kermit Scott, Eddie Taylor, Jerome Richardson (ts); Pony Poindexter, Curtis Lowe (as); Bob Barfield (cl, as); Barney Bigard (cl); Johnny Cooper, Cedric Haywood, Travis Warren (p); Saunders King (g, voc); Vernon Alley, Lawrence Cato, Addison Farmer, Joey Holder, Douglas Kinnard (b); Brandon Curtis (b, p, dr); Bill Douglas, Earl Watkins (dr); Bernard "Bunny" Peters (dr, ensemble)

  1. S.K. Groove (Rigamarole/Webster)
  2. S.K. Blues, Pt. 1
  3. S.K. Blues, Pt. 2
  4. S.K. Jumps, Pt. 1
  5. S.K. Jumps, Pt. 2
  6. I'd Climb The Highest Mountain
  7. Lazy Woman Blues
  8. The Atom Leaps
  9. Big Fat Butterfly
10. C Jam Blues
11. Stay Gone Blues
12. Swingin'
13. Write Me A Letter Blues
14. Big Fat Butterfly
15. Empty Bedroom Blues
16. Little Girl
17. Misery Blues
18. Something's Worrying Me
19. 2:00 Am Hop
20. When I Got Home This Morning
21. Read The Good Book
22. Get Yourself Another Fool
23. My Close Friend (Josea/King)
24. Quit Hangin' Around Me
25. Long Long Time
26. Going Mad
27. What's Your Story Morning Glory (Lawrence/Webster/Williams)

All written by King except otherwise noted.

Review: Heute vor 3 Jahren wurde für ZYX MUSIC das Label Brown Sugar gegründet, das der Labelmanager Uwe Hager seitdem mit sehr erfolgreichen Veröffentlichungen betreut. Auf der neuen Compilation You Can Count On Me präsentiert das Brown Sugar DJ Team einen spannenden Bogen aller Charakteristiken der "schwarzen" und "latino" Musik der 60s und 70's. Grooviger Jazz, Deep Funk und längst vergessene Soul Perlen werden mit Latin Soul und Boogaloo kombiniert. Viele dieser Sounds kennt man heutzutage als Samples, die für den aktuellen Dancefloor aufbereitet werden. Das Brown Sugar DJ-Team setzt jedoch auf die Originale, die auch wieder verstärkt ihren Ein- satz in den trendigen Clubs der Metropolen finden. Handgespielte Musik ist eben einfach organischer und bringt den Körper in natürliche Vibrationen. Diese hochwertige Sammlung befriedigt nicht nur die Party-Szene & Collectors, sondern alle, die den Sound der 60´er und 70´er gerne zu Hause feiern möchten. Auch auf Vinyl (gatefold) mit 2 bonus tracks erhältlich. Enthält Tracks von Kultlabels wie Fantasy, Stax, Prestige, Cadet und Verve...
Jazz, Deep Funk und Soul-Juwelen kombiniert mit Latino-Soul und Boogaloo kann nur eines geben 'You can count on me!'. Auf dieser Compilation von "Brown Sugar" finden sich allerlei Perlen der 60er und 70er ein. So etwa der Titelsong 'You

click image to enlarge

can count on me!' der Kultserie Hawaii 5-0, gesungen von Sammy Davis Jr. Oder 'The Letter' von Lou Rawls (später gecovert von Joe Cocker). Oder 'Some Say' von Nina Simone. Oder 'I Got The Blues' ein Song von Della Reese, die übrigens auch die Serienmama von Mr. T aus dem A-Team ist. Die CD ist absolute Pflicht für Sowieso-in-Club-Abhänger, Auf-Soul-Abtänzer, Groovesüchtige und Raritätensammler. Letztere würden vor Freude ihre Hände über dem Kopf zusammen- schlagen, weil auf der Platte einige selte- ne Kostbarkeiten angehäuft sind, 'Work Song' von The Pazant Brothers & Beaufort Express, 'Conquistadores' von Chico Hamilton oder 'Gumbo Filet' von Pony Poindexter. Das waren noch Zeiten!
Brown Sugar Presents: You Can Count On Me / Various Artists
issued: DoLP BROWN SUGAR BSR 1005-1 ;
May 26, 2003 CD ZYX-MUSIC 090204922512 ; MIS DS

#11-21 previously issued in the 1970ies (+ Express Yourself / Idris Muhammad)

  1. You Can Count On Me / Sammy Davis Jr.
  2. Work Song / Pazant Brothers & Beaufort Exp.
  3. Attica / Bernard Purdie
  4. The Letter / Lou Rawls
  5. Bet You I'll Win / Little Milton
  6. Wa-Tu-Wa-Zui / Charles Kynard
  7. It Ain't What You Do (But How You Do It) / Laura Lee
  8. Sugar, Let's Shing-A-Ling / Shirley Ellis
  9. Some Say / Nina Simone
10. Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby / Jimmy Smith
11. Don't Stop / Billy Larkin And The Delegates
12. Psychedelic Sally / Eddie Jefferson
13. Get The Money / Mongo Santamaria
14. Soul Cookin' / Willie Bobo
15. Conquistadores '74 / Chico Hamilton
16. Gumbo Filet / Pony Poindexter
17. Oh Baby (I Believe I'm Losing You)
/ Billy Hawks
18. I Got The Blues / Della Reese
19. These Boots Are Made For Walking / Peter Herbolzheimer
20. Moanin' / Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers
21. Streak O'Lean / Rusty Bryant

  Jazz Ballads Vol. 2: The Best Jazz Vocalists / Various Artists
issued: March 31, 2006 CD GUTS 0254

Azymuth; Kenny Dorham, Al Porcino, Jack Sheldon, Ray Triscari, Byron Stripling, Stu Williamson (tp); Clark Terry (tp, fl-h); Chet Baker (tp, voc); Claudio Roditi (tp, arr, voc); Bill Berry (cor); Harry Betts, Buster Cooper, Robin Eubanks, Frank Rosolino, Britt Woodman, Bob Fitzpatrick (tb); Jimmy Forrest, Javon Jackson, Teddy Edwards, Sheldon Powell, Herman Riley, Stanley Turrentine, Ben Webster (ts); Bill Hood, Jack Nimitz (bar-s); Jeff Clayton, Antonio Hart, Pony Poindexter, Chief Justice Earl Warren (as); Art Pepper (cl, as); John LaPorta (as, a-cl); Frank Wess (fl, ts); Spencer Sinatra (fl); Ruth Brown, Freddy Cole, Ella Fitzgerald, Helen Humes, Etta Jones, Bev Kelly, Ithamara Koorax, Abbey Lincoln, Gary McFarland, Ada Moore, Betty Roché, Helyne Stewart, Little Jimmy Scott, Sylvia Syms, Teri Thornton (voc); Milt Jackson (voc, vib); Cyrus Chestnut, Pete Jolly, Roger Kellaway, Wynton Kelly, Flip Nunez, André Previn, Cedar Walton, Richard Wyands (p); Mose Allison, Oscar Peterson (p, voc); Frank Ownes (p, arr); Jack McDuff, Bobby Forrester (hammond org) Michael Lang, Ian Underwood (synth); Daniel Freiberg (synth, arr); Marcos Valle (arr, keyb, fender rhodes); José Roberto Bertrami (synth, arr, fender rhodes); Skeeter Best, Ed Bickert, Kenny Burrell, John Collins, Tal Farlow, Freddie Green, Sam Herman, Bill Jennings, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Barney Kessel, Bucky Pizzarelli, Joe Viola (g); Alex Malheiros (el-b); Johnny Allen, George Duvivier, Addison Farmer, Jimmy Bond, Ray Brown, Sam Jones, Nilson Matta, Wendell Marshall, Al McKibbon, George Mraz, Don Payne, Milt Hinton, Tom Hubbard, Leroy Vinnegar, Dave Young (b); Ronnie Free, Jerry Fuller, Roy Haynes, Yoron Israel, Osie Johnson, Tony Johnson, Philly Joe Jones, Shelly Manne, Ignacio Berroa, Frank Butle, Jimmy Cobb, Ivan Conti, Sherman Ferguson, Max Roach, Frank Severino, Nick Stabulas, Grady Tate, Arnold Wise (dr); Rafael Cruz, Willie Rodriguez (perc); Todd Barkan, Norman Granz, Arnaldo DeSouteiro, Helen Keane, Lester Koenig, Cal Lampley, Bob Weinstock (prod); Wally Heider, Scott Noll, James Petri, Marcelo Sabóia, Val Valentin, Rudy Van Gelder, Mark Epstein (engineer); George Horn (mastering)

  1. They Can't Take That Away from Me / Ella Fitzgerald
  2. Gloomy Sunday / Bev Kelly
  3. When I Fall in Love / Chet Baker
  4. If / Freddy Cole
  5. Sometimes When We Touch / Oscar Peterson
  6. Unchained Melody / Etta Jones
  7. Smile / James Scott
  8. The Very Thought of You / Helen Humes
  9. Blue Moon / Betty Roche
10. Dreamer / Gary McFarland, Antonio Carlos Jobim
11. Meditation / Sylvia Syms
12. Summer Samba / Ithamara Koorax
13. Una Misma Alma / Claudio Roditi
14. The Rose / Freddy Cole
15. Nice Work If You Can Get It / Ella Fitzgerald, Andre Previn
16. Canadian Sunset / Etta Jones
17. Am I Blue / Ruth Brown
18. The Shadow of Your Smile / Ithamara Koorax
19 .It Had to Be You / James Scott
20. Don't Get Around Much Anymore / Mose Allison
21. I Will Wait for You / Sylvia Syms
22. Easy to Love / Helyne Stewart
23. Blue Champagne / Teri Thornton
24. It's Magic / Abbey Lincoln
25. Someone I Love / Milt Jackson
26. Summertime / Ada Moore

Review: Fond of sentimental ballads and downhearted laments, West Coast singer and guitarist Saunders King led a series of little bands that also handled novelty jive swing and bluesy jump tunes. King's pioneering electric guitar work puts him in league with Charlie Christian, Eddie Durham, and Tampa Red. This chronological compilation documents the records he made for several small-time labels in San Francisco and Los Angeles between 1948 and 1954. The survey begins with four rare Cava-Tone sides involving unidentified personnel. "Nobody Wants Me," first recorded earlier in 1948 by its composer, Memphis Slim, would soon be popularized by Joe Williams and Count Basie as "Every Day I Have the Blues." The most interesting track from this session concerns an overweight member of the order Lepidoptera. Although he receives composer credits on both his 1942 version (see Classics

5064) and the 1948 remake heard here, Saunders King most certainly was not the originator of "Big Fat Butterfly," a cocky variation on the popular slow ballad "Poor Butterfly." This catchy routine, also served up by Lorenzo

1948-1954 / Saunders King
issued: 2005 CD CLASSICS R&B 5149


Flennoy's trio in 1945 on Melodisc, was written by Harold Austin and the great Skeets Tolbert, composer of "Hit That Jive, Jack." Tolbert recorded the song in 1941 (see Classics 993) and King absorbed it into his own act shortly afterwards. The chronology unfolds with a series of rare tracks originally issued on the Modern, Aladdin, Rhythm, and Flair record labels. King's small bands included trumpeters Eddie Walker and Allen Smith; a succession of fine saxophonists in Eddie Taylor, Pony Poindexter, Kermit Scott, Curtis Lowe, and Jerome Richardson; and excellent support from pianist Cedric Haywood. King is at his soulful best on the cool and ruminative   "Empty Bedroom Blues," the old "St. James Infirmary Blues," and the excellent "Something's Worrying Me," while the band rocks nicely on the upbeat rhythm tunes like "Little Girl" and "2:00 AM Hop." Rather than offering spiritual advice, his "Read the Good Book" cops out instead by reworking the tired-assed patriarchal formula of biblically bolstered misogyny, a sour cul-de-sac all too common in the world of blues music. Always willing to pull back and sing pretty, King periodically slowed things down and satisfied his penchant for crooning with "Summertime" or even "Danny Boy."

  1. September Song
  2. Nobody Wants Me
  3. When Your Lover Has Gone
  4. Big Fat Butterfly
  5. Imagination
  6. Empty Bedroom Blues
  7. St. James Infirmary Blues
  8. Little Girl
  9. Misery Blues
10. Something's Worrying Me
11. When I Got Home This Morning (I'm So Worried)
12. Auf Wiedersehn, My Dear

13. 2:00 AM Hop
14. Blues About Midnight
15. Unfaithful Blues
16. Stormy Night Blues
17. Danny Boy
18. Read the Good Book
19. Get Yourself Another Fool
20. Summertime
21. My Close Friend
22. Goin' Mad
23. Quit Hangin' Around Me
24. Long Long Time

songs appear on:

Another Get Together   (Pony Poindexter)
appears on:

Jazz Casual: Sing And Swing /
Count Basie - Lambert, Hendricks & Bavan

see above

Cattin' Latin  (Pony Poindexter)
appears on:

Limbo Carnival / Dave Pike
recorded: December 12, 1962 at Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs/NJ;
original issue: NEW JAZZ 8284

and on:

Carnavals / Dave Pike
issues: 2 LP´s on 1 CD Carnavals 2000 CD FANTASY/PRESTIGE 24248-2
(re-issue of Bossa Nova Carnival & Limbo Carnival)
see Leo Wright´s >>
disco 3

Videos / DVD's:

This essential broadcast from the memorable Jazz Casual directed by Ralph J. Gleason features the superb jazz vocals of Lambert, Hendricks & Bavan, a follow-up to the fabled group Lambert, Hendricks & Ross after original singer Annie Ross was replaced by Yolande Bavan in 1963. For those not in the know, suffice to say that the unique “vocalese” sound which was the signature of Lambert, Hendricks & Ross wnt on to become a style of its own, an approach to singing jazz that is still very much alive in the recordings of Manhattan Transfer, the Hendricks Family, and almost any jazz vocal formed during the past three decades. This splendid taping is truly a pleasure to watch (and listen!), proving that Yolande Bavan was a more than adequate heir to the throne left vacant by the great Annie Ross. Ralph Gleason´s Jazz Casual: Lambert, Hendricks & Bavan
air date: February 22, 1963
issued: 2003 IDEM IVHS 210
stereo, black/white, ca. 30 min.


  1. Sugar Hill Blues
  2. Another Get Together
  3. This Could Be The Start Of Something Big
  4. Melba´s Blues
  5. Shiny Stockings
  6. Cousin Mary
  7. Cloudburst
(G. Mahones)
(S. Allen)
(M. Liston)
(F. Foster)

  Jazz Casual: Count Basie - Lambert, Hendricks & Bavan
issued: November 19, 2001 VHS & DVD RHINO ; IDEM IDVD 1003
stereo, PAL, B&W, Region 0, 60 min.

#1-8 aired: May 6, 1968, Count Basie Quartet: COUNT BASIE (p), FREDDIE GREEN (g), NORMAN KEENAN (b), SONNY PAYNE (dr).
#9-15  aired: February 22, 1963, Lambert, Hendricks & Bavan: DAVE LAMBERT, JOHN HENDRICKS, YOLANDE BAVAN (voc), PONY POINDEXTER (ss, as), GILDO MAHONES (p), GEORGE TUCKER (b), JIMMY SMITH (dr).

  1. I Don´t Know
  2. Handful Of Keys
  3. Untitled
  4. Squeeze Me
  5. Twenty Minutes After Three
  6. I'm Gonna Love You As Long As I Live
  7. If I Could Be With You One Hour Tonight
  8. National Educational Television Blues
  9. Sugar Hill Blues
10. Another Get Together
11. This Could Be The Start Of Something Big
12. Melba´s Blues
13. Shiny Stockings
14. Cousin Mary
15. Cloudburst



(G. Mahones)
(S. Allen)
(M. Liston)
(F. Foster)
(J. Coltrane)

This extraordinary DVD showcases four of the top, 20th-century vocal ensembles, captured live on American TV broadcasts from the 1960's. These magical episodes will transport you back to the glory days of jazz. 20th Century Jazz Masters: Mel Tormé, Jimmy Witherspoon,
Carmen McRae, Lambert, Hendricks & Bavan

issued: July 8, 2003, DVD IDEM HOME VIDEO IDVD 1051, stereo, colour, 120 minutes

#1-7 originally released: May 2, 1964. Mel Torme Quartet: MEL TORME (voc, p, g), GARY LONG (p), PERRY LIND (b), BENNY BARTH (dr).
#8-13 originally released: January 4, 1962. Jimmy Witherspoon: JIMMY WITHERSPOON (voc),
#14-19 originally released: March 15, 1962. Carmen McRae Quartet: CARMEN MCRAE (voc, p), NORMAN SIMMONS (p), VICTOR SPROLES (b), WALTER PERKINS (dr).
#20-26 originally released: February 22, 1963. Lambert, Hendricks & Bavan: DAVE LAMBERT,

  1. We've Got A World That Swings
  2. Comin' Home Baby
  3. Sidney's Soliloquy
  4. Dat Dere
  5. When Sunny Gets Blue
  6. Quiet Night
  7. Route 66
  8. Time's Getting Tougher
  9. Ain't Nobody's Business
10. Cottontail
11. Chelsea Bridge
12. I'm Gonna Move To The Outskirts
      Of Town
13. Roll 'Em
14. I'm Gonna Lock My Heart
15. Trouble Is A Man
16. If You Never Fall In Love With Me
17. 'Round Midnight
18. Love For Sale
19. Exactly Like You
20. Sugar Hill Blues
21. Another Get Together
22. This Could Be The Start Of
      Something Big
23. Melba's Blues
24. Shiny Stockings
25. Cousin Mary
26. Cloudburst
(J. Wisner)
(A. C. Jobim)
(B. Troupe)
(J. Witherspoon)
(D. Ellington)
(B. Strayhorn)
(R. Jordan)

(P. Johnson)
(A. Wilder)
(S. Jones)
(C. Porter)
(G. Mahones)
(P. Poindexter)
(S. Allen)

(M. Liston)
(F. Foster)
(J. Coltrane)

movie appearance:

film poster
Ich - ein Groupie
produced: 1970 in Germany

also known as:

Das Mädchen mit dem Einwegticket (original German title),
Higher And Higher,
Me A Groupie,
Je Suis Une Groupie,
Sesso A Domicilio and
Arzularin Ötesinde (Turkish title)

Starring: Ingrid Steeger, Vivian Weiss, Bernd Hoschnidder, Rolf Eden, Petra Prinz, Pony Poindexter, Stewart West, Bruno Frenzel, Bernd Noske, Wolfgang Rumler, Andreas Scholz, Joachim Schmidt, Li Paelz, Nadia Pilar, Sharon Richardson, Reinhold Sobotta, Wolf-Rüdiger Uhlig, Achim Hammer, Bernd Koschmider, Terry Mason, and with Birth Control as "Beat-Band".
Camera: Peter Baumgartner, Script: Manfred Gregor, Music: Walter Baumgartner, Direction: Fred Williams, Production: Erwin C. Dietrich.

DVD ELITE, Copyright: 1974/2003, ca. 80 min.,
PAL, format: 2.35:1. Sound: Dolby, mono 2.0.
Languages: German, French, English, Italian.
Including: trailer, slideshow, featurette with producer Erwin C. Dietrich

Inhalt: Ein Groupie ist ein Mädchen mit Musik im Blut und viel Herz für Musiker. Es ist Haschisch nicht abgeneigt, ebenso wenig wie einem Liebesabenteuer mit einem Musiker. Hauptsache er hat lange Haare und spielt in einer Beat-Band. Jenny Fabian, die junge Engländerin, hat in ihrem Roman 'Groupie' ihre eigenen Erfahrungen im Tross einer Beat-Band geschildert. Und die Erlebnisse zwischen Bühne und Bett nimmt dieser Film auf. Vicky, die Hauptperson, lernt in London den Sänger Stuart kennen. Sie findet ihn toll, er reist aber grusslos für eine Tournee nach Holland ab. Vicky und ihre Freundin Vivian reisen ihm nach. Die Suche nach Stuart führt die beiden weiter nach Zürich und München nach Berlin, führt sie durch die verschiedensten Musikertreffpunkte und auch Betten und konfrontiert sie immer wieder mit neuen Abenteuern. Der Film ist ein einzigartiges Schmuckstück. Er zeigt das Leben auf und hinter der Bühne einer neu entstehenden Musikwelt auf und zeigt Dinge, die damals noch nirgends gezeigt wurden. Er zeigt Menschen, die anfangen, die freie Liebe auszuleben und andere damals undenkbare Dinge zu tun. Und sie geniessen es auch - sogar öffentlich ! Damit ist dieser Film ein authentischer Zeitzeuge der 70er Jahre und heute bereits schon Kult. Die Entdeckung des Films ist aber zweifellos die damals noch unbekannte Schauspielerin Ingrid Steeger. Talentiert, frisch und blendend aussehend gibt die junge Hauptdarstellerin als selbstbewußtes und mitunter auch freches Groupie dem Film eine einzigartige Note. Ihre Abenteuer meistert sie mit unwiderstehlichem Charme und einer fast grenzenlosen Lebensfreude - und dies in jeder Beziehung !

Plot: A Groupie is a girl with music in the blood and much heart for musicians. It´s not averse from hashish, just as few as a love-adventure with a musician. Main thing he has long hair and plays in a Beat- band. Jenny Fabian, the young Englishwoman, has described her own experiences in the entourage of a Beat-band in her novel 'Groupie'. And this film takes up the experiences between stage and bed. Vicky, the main person, becomes acquainted with the singer Stuart in London. She finds him terrific, he leaves however greetingless for a tour to Holland. Vicky and her friend Vivian travel after him. The search for Stuart continues to lead them to Zurich and Munich to Berlin, leads them to diverse musician meeting places and also beds and confronts them with new adventures again and again. The film is a singular piece of jewellery. It points out the life on and behind the stage of a developing music world and shows things, which were not shown at that time anywhere. It shows humans, who begin, to live free love and to do other at that time inconceivable things. And they enjoy it also - even publicly! With that this film is an authentic time witness of the 70's and today already cult. The discovery of the film is however certainly the at that time still unknown actress Ingrid Steeger. Talented, fresh and dazzling looking the young leading-actress gives a singular note to the film as a self-confident and every now and then also impudent Groupie. She masters her adventures with irresistible charm and a nearly boundless joy of life - and this in each respect!

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